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Deep Focus Ultra: Mental Training for Maximum Concentration

Remove distracting toughts taking you away from your core life objectives. 60 Minute Binaural Audio Program

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Deep Creator Ultra: Open up your Creativity to the Extreme

Reboot your creative mind and behave like a creator of your reality. Improve your craft. Maximize the creation of solutions for your life challenges. 60 Minute Binaural Audio Program

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Deep Moon Ultra: Deep Sleep and Lucid Dreaming Meditation

Sleep deeply and dream lucidly. Combat imsomina and recharge your energy faster while just playing. 60 Minute Binaural Audio Program

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Deep Flow - Achieve Flow States and Mindful Attention

Get rid of negative mental loopholes draining your energy. Build resistance towards stress and elaborate your toughts in harmony with your deep desires and goals. 60 Minute Binaural Audio Program

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Focus, creativity, flow and sleep. The ultimate neuro-toolkit for high performing people.

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Deep-learn while you walk, drive, work, rest or exercise. Play anywhere, on any device, any time.

The old times of subliminal messages and self hynosis are gone... They have been taken to a new level with the power of Binaural frequencies, audio engeneering and relaxing sounds in sync with neuro linguistic programming and deepMind Theraphy. All our audio samples are part of larger sets of brain entrainment programs

Listen, and share these audio program samples supercharged with powerful lessons and insights for your brain fitness, mental performance and emotional intelligence

Each sample is a short sneak peak of the full 60 minute program

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